Thomas ROUGET Marthe ROUGET Thomas ROUGET Marie ROUGET Jean ROUGET Henry ROUGET Henriette Rouget ROUGET Pierre Henry ROUGET Elizabeth Sophie ROUGET Nancy ROUGET John ROUGET Suzanne Quertier ROUGET Suzanne QUERTIER Pierre Edward ROUGET Rachel ROUGET James ROUGET Nancy ROUGET Elizabeth Sophie ROUGET Nicolas ROUGET Marthe MOULLIN Mini tree diagram


1st Jun 1788 - 1854

Life History

1st Jun 1788

Born in Guernsey

14th Nov 1811

Married Suzanne QUERTIER in St Perter's Port Guersney

24th Jul 1813

Birth of son Henry ROUGET in Guersney

12th Jan 1816

Birth of daughter Henriette Rouget ROUGET in Guernsey

31st Mar 1818

Birth of son Pierre Henry ROUGET in Guernsey

24th Apr 1819

Birth of daughter Elizabeth Sophie ROUGET in Guersney

27th Feb 1822

Birth of daughter Nancy ROUGET in Guersney

29th May 1824

Birth of son John ROUGET in Guernsey

13th Mar 1830

Birth of daughter Suzanne Quertier ROUGET in Guersney


Death of Suzanne QUERTIER in Guernsey


Died in Ship to Australia

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