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Information on the planning application submitted for Bryn Dodyn, Dolwen Road, Old Colwyn.


to all those who attended the meeting and for taking part in trying to ensure democracy is upheld and trying to show the relevant council departments who they are supposed to be serving!



The Original LDP circumstances.

First came to our attention in April 2009 with a notice on a lamp post nearby with  the LDP proposal for the allocation of  this land for allocation of up to 70 houses.

With a limited time to response due to the way it was kept very low key, some might think deliberately, due to the noises made many residents, not just here but across the county the cut off date for depositions (objections) were extended from 19th June to the 3rd July 2009.

However there was an advert selling this land that appeared in The Pioneer newspaper on 17th June 2009 which offered the land for sale as “a prime plot of allocated building land according to the local plan for the period 2007 – 2022. And according to the new land development plan will provide housing for 70 units”

This advert along with the glaringly biased assessment of the land in comparison to other plots gave the impression to me and other people looking in to this that this land had been pre-selected in some manner and rather than the land being assessed to meet the criteria the criteria and the assessments were being engineered to suit the land.

When the errors were pointed out to the LDP team their attitude was that they would just change the data, however as decisions based on that data had been taken earlier in the process the argument was offered that the process was unsound and this was enough reasoning for the assessments to be done again.

The inaccuracies in the original assessment and the depositions pointing them out were in part the reason the original LDP was rejected and effectively Conwy Council were told it needed to be done again.  

Shortly after this during a discussion with one of the top men within the LDP team he openly admitted that they had been shown up and highly embarrassed by the glaringly obvious errors we found so easily in their assessment document for this land. We are not planner nor have ever had any dealings with planning of any description until our interest in the LDP fiasco.

At the time I raised concerns with friends and family that they had taken our involvement and contribution to subsequent rejection of the original LDP personally and we should be very wary of the potential consequences.

In between the original, rejected LDP and the publication of the revised LDP the land was, we believe, sold to a developer.

Now you may ask why a developer might spend a lot of money on land that in the public eye has no solid future for development. To all the outsiders of this process, to this date this has still to be determined but land is being purchased?????

To my knowledge these companies are not in the business of investing an awful lot of money on the off chance that the dice might roll their way?  Some might think  that perhaps  they know something we don’t and it is not such a gamble as it would appear to the layman as they have an insight in to decisions relating to the land that have yet to be made?

The Revised LDP

The original LDP having been rejected was the taken back in to the arms of the LDP team and re-worked.

In this revision the land at Bryn Rodyn was removed as land for allocation for 70 units and proposed for contingency for 40 Units. This means that this land would only be brought in for land as development should other allocated plots fall though for whatever reason.

There were, however still glaring elements of mistakes and bias displayed in the assessment of the land. These “mistakes” were put forward within the depositions for the revised LDP.

These include
The land directly opposite being rejected for traffic issues where they found no traffic issues on the other side,
The statement that it does not reach in to open countyside!
The statement that it has been previously developed.

Once again conclusions in the assessment that might lead the casual observer to think they may not be considering this land with an open honest appraisal but with a pre determined agenda to ensure it is considered more favourably compared to other plots.

You decide the reasons!

The revised LDP was then programmed for the next process which is an independent public examination, this we got notice of and was carried out earlier this month when I attended the session for this land to put the case forward.

The Original planning application

This is where things get complicated.

The original LDP was rejected by the Welsh Government and the revised LDP was formulated however this introduced delays in the implementation of the LDP, (delays which by the way were solely due to the poor standard of the original LDP document and the requirement for a complete overhaul).

This 2 year delay unfortunately meant that the land stock for housing supply in the county fell below a 5 year level, this unfortunately triggers a back door clause in the planning procedure where anyone can put in an application on any plot of land, whether it is within the LDP or not and quote the shortfall in supply levels as a reason for approval.

I do not know it this trigger point is public knowledge but it certainly came to knowledge of the developers who swiftly put in a planning application for 71 units. Thus attempting to circumvent all the procedures, the LDP, the settlement boundaries etc. This original application was put in in June 2012. Interestingly the LDP team objected to the plan using many of the arguments we used against the inclusion of the land in the LDP in the first place as to why the application should be rejected.

This application was rejected on various grounds including the fact it was not in as allocation in the LDP.

After being changed numerous times to the planning committe it was finally rejected in November 2014. This decision can and probably will be appealled by the developers. Until then we can treat it s a small battle won in the campaign.